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Study in China from Bangladesh

Are you a Bangladeshi student interested to study in China? If yes, this is an all-in-one post you should read. In this article, we are going to explore everything related to the study in China from Bangladesh. From this post, you will know why China should be on your favorite list along with all the procedures, qualifications, and scholarship information. If you find any important information missing in all the main sections, please explore the FAQ section.
Note that, this is going to be a long post because we want to cover everything that you might need to know. Thanks for your patience while reading

Why Should You Study in China?

“Why should I choose China as my study destination?”- if this question pops up in your mind, it’s time to get it answered. We are not emotional while we suggest you go to China from Bangladesh for study purposes. The climate, language, foods, and environment in China are way different from those of Bangladesh. However, many reasons have contributed to making China one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Let’s see some of the reasons why you should choose China to go for study:

1. Better Career Opportunity:

As China is expanding the business and market worldwide, the demand for people who know the Chinese language is increasing rapidly. You will be a hot cake in the Bangladeshi job market (especially in the RMG sector) if you possess efficiency in Mandarin. Your fluency in the Chinese language is an asset in this competitive job market of the country.

Apart from being selected by the Bangladeshi companies, you can also work in Chinese companies in Bangladesh and abroad with a handsome salary. As China’s economy is the second-largest in the world with a GDP of more than $10.8 trillion, you can easily find a place inside any of the renowned Chinese ventures like Huawei, Alibaba, Lenovo, and many more. Your hands-on experience in the Chinese language, lifestyle, and business will help you set your trade and thus do business with China.

2. Affordability:

The daily expenditure in the USA or Australia is extremely high. If you are going to study in one of those countries, you might need to spend about $13,000 per year. On the other hand, you just need about $1300 per year to meet the tuition fees and other daily expenses. That’s why China is very cost-effective for students.

Studying in China is not as expensive as studying in Europe and North America. You can easily afford your educational cost without selling the family properties. As the cost is not very high, many international students prefer China to get a quality education with comparatively lower expenses.

Apart from studying with self-finance, you can also avail of scholarships wavering 50% to 100% of the study cost. This opportunity will enable you to study in a relaxed mood. China offers a variety of scholarships for many countries including Bangladesh.

3. Adapt to the Growing World:

The world is constantly changing. How much can you cope with that? If you think you are not doing very well, China is there to help. The massive population along with the diversity of China will help you acquire experience and cope with the growing world.
You should know that the study aspirants are becoming more and more interested to study in China. In the last 10 years, the number of international students in China has skyrocketed almost double. The number of students is growing about 10 percent per year which is higher than in many other countries. And that’s why China has placed itself third in the wishlist of international students.
Apart from the opportunity to know about the civilization and culture of China, you will get the scope to discover yourself mixing with people from all parts of the world. Your knowledge of cultural diversity will be broader than ever.
Above all, if you can cope with people of such variety and diversity, there is no reason why you would miss any of the growing trends happening around the world.

4. The Next Big Hub of the Global Economy:

It is estimated that the eastern countries will lead the global economy by 2025 and it is China which will be at the top. The stability in the economic growth, massive production, and export of popular products have made China the “World’s Factory”. So, it is almost sure that you will not regret studying in China.

5. Good Ranking Universities of the World:

You might ask, “What is the position of the Chinese universities in terms of ranking?” Well, this is truly a crucial question to ask about the reputation when you choose any university for your tertiary level education. You will be glad to know that Chinese universities have started to rank atop of university rankings for the last couple of years.
If you analyze the progress of the last 5 years, you will notice that Chinese universities are getting higher in the ranking positions compared to the UK. There were only 5 Chinese universities in the World’s University Ranking of the Times Higher Education in 2011. And only after 5 years, the number has increased to 37 which exceeds Canadian and Australian universities as well.
To know more about the ranking positions of Chinese universities, you can visit the Best 115 Universities & Colleges in China.

6. Scholarship Opportunities:

For Bangladeshi students, funding is a very important aspect to consider when it comes to going abroad to study. Many Bangladeshi students have a lot of interest to study in China but they lack the required funds.
Chaina wants the best brains from around the globe to go and study there. For this reason, the Chinese government and more than 270 institutions offer scholarships for about 40,000 international students per year. That’s why China has become one of the most cherished destinations for all levels of students of different social classes from around the world.
Fortunately, Bangladesh is one of those countries that can avail the chance of getting funds. CCN or China Campus Network is a consortium of 38 top-ranked universities to let the students study in China with funding. You can contact China Campus Network Bangladesh to learn more.

The Chance to See the Civilizational Steps of China

With the passage of time, China has reached this stage of civilization crossing many steps. The story of the making-up of this civilization is structured in every step it has crossed throughout the centuries.
If you are one of the Bangladeshi students in China, you can hear the stories of China’s upbringing by visiting the historical places in the country. You will also have a clear idea of other civilizations in the world.
Knowing about the history of 5000 years old will enable you to understand how human evolution has taken place by the passage of time. That’s why it will be a unique experience for you if you choose China to go for studying.
From the Olympic Bird’s Nest to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China to the Terracotta Army, places in China will make you immensely amazed.

Tuition Fees in China for Bangladeshi Students

Tuition Fees vary from university to university and depend on a variety of factors such as major, scholarship percentage, university location, place of the university in the world ranking, public or private, and other aspects. Let’s see the estimated tuition fees for Bangladeshi students without any scholarship in private and public universities below.

1. Tuition Fees in Public Universities

As a Bangladeshi student, you might need a minimum of 2 lakh 80 thousand BDT per year which may exceed up to 8 lakh and 50 thousand BDT depending on the factors mentioned above.

2. Tuition Fees in Private Universities

China has a lot of top-ranked private universities along with the local campus branches of many British and American universities. The approximate tuition fees to study in these universities can start from 6 lakh and 50 thousand BDT and can reach up to 12 lakh and 50 thousand BDT depending on the ranking and quality.

Living Cost in Chinese Universities for Bangladeshi Students

One of the advantages of studying in China is low living costs. If you compare the cost of living in China with that of the USA and other European countries, you will be amazed at how affordable it is to live in a Chinese town. Let’s have a look at the accommodation, food, transportation, and other living expenses in China for Bangladeshi students.

Accommodation Cost in China for Bangladeshi Students

If you are chosen or you have decided to stay in the dormitory of the Chinese universities, it might cost you about 12 thousand BDT per month. You might require to pay about 25 thousand BDT as a security deposit if you stay at the dormitory.
Anyone can also choose to stay out of the dormitory by renting a house. Usually, a group of students takes a house together to save money. Other than the rent, you will require to pay nearly 4 thousand BDT per month for water, electricity, and gas bills.

Food Cost in China for Bangladeshi Students

If you choose to eat in the university canteen, any local shop, or fast-food chain shop, you will be billed about 80 BDT to 350 BDT for a meal.
On the other hand, if you choose to cook for yourself after buying goods from local super shops it will cost you about 10-12 thousand BDT per month. Buying and cooking by yourself is the best option if you want to save some money. You will be able to manage a bag full of fresh vegetables and fruits just within 500 BDT.

Transportation Cost in China for Bangladeshi Students

Besides being speedy and reliable, the transportation system of China is also cost-effective. Let’s have a look at how it might cost in different kinds of transports for Bangladeshi students:

  • Metro: 40 BDT (estimated)
  • Taxi/km: 30 BDT (estimated)
  • City Bus: 25 BDT (estimated)
  • Public Transport with Student Pass: 1300 BDT monthly.

Eligibility Requirement for Chinese Scholarships

  1. The academic result of the applicant should be exceptionally good.
  2. No other scholarships should be continuing while applying for a scholarship.
  3. Good scores in TOEFL and IELTS will be very helpful for a candidate to stand apart from the crowd.
  4. Engagement in co-curricular activities in the previous educational life will be a plus.
  5. The applicant should submit his or her updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) at the time of application.

Things to Know about Scholarships in China

  1. Some scholarships offer a full waiver in the tuition fee while some offer a half waiver only. Some scholarships also cover accommodation in dormitories without any hostel fee.
  2. Government scholarships cover full tuition and accommodation fees. You will also receive a handsome amount of monthly stipend to maintain other educational and living costs. You are more likely to get a government scholarship if you choose Mandarin as your language of study.
  3. It is easier to receive provincial and presidential scholarships.
  4. Recommendation letters and participation in extracurricular activities are highly valued when it comes to offering scholarships.
  5. No scholarship is offered for MBBS degrees in China.

Final Thoughts

Studying in China for Bangladeshi students is a really good cost-effective action. You can get ahead with your updated knowledge in your field as you are getting taught by some of the best teachers in the world.
However, If you think that getting admitted to a Chinese scholarship is difficult for you by self-finance, we recommend you try the study programs of CCN where you will be supported with full or partial scholarship as per your qualification and performance. You can also apply for the Chinese government scholarship offered every year for international students if you want to study in China free of cost.