Schengen Visitor Visa / Tourist Visa / Business Visa / Family visa Requirements

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), also referred to as a visitor visa or Schengen tourist visa. Visa Imagine provides you with the application form only as well as a guide for the next steps of how to get your Bangladesh tourist / visit / family / business visa. After filling out the application we contact with you. ​

Schengen Tourist Visa / Visitor visa / Business visa / Family Visa Process

Easy 2 Step Process:

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  2. Make an Appointment


A Schengen visa was brought about by a Schengen agreement that was made in Luxembourg in a small town called Schengen. This 1985 agreement brought together 26 European countries and abolished any travel restrictions among them. Citizens of these countries are therefore free to travel within these countries without the visa. This arrangement created the Schengen visa zone. The creation of this zone together with the European Union means there is free movement in Europe. National boundaries are no longer important as you can cross them freely.
Citizens of other countries not in the EU or Schengen zone require Schengen visa to enter this zone. This includes Bangladesh passport holders and residents. The Schengen visa allows a short stay of not more than 90 days. This is within the 180 days allowed. So who can apply for a Schengen visa in Bangladesh? You need to be one of these:

  • Bangladesh citizen and passport holder.
  • Legal resident in Bangladesh with a resident permit.

Schengen Visitor Visa ( basic ) Requirements for Bangladesh :

  • Schengen visa Application form
  • Two Copies Photograph, Size (3.50 cm high x 4.50 cm wide, without border, white background) taken within the last 3 months
  • National ID copy
  • Must be 6 month valid Passport
  • Bank solvency certificate and last 6 month bank statement.
  • NOC from company (if private service).
  • Forwarding letter
  • Visiting Card
  • A copy of return air ticket
  • Hotel reservation & travel itinerary.
  • Trade licenses photocopy with
  • Translations & Notary Public.
    For profile analysis / proper submission of your visa file, please fix an appointment with our visa consultant to maximize your possibility.