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Visa Imagine is top ranked student visa consultancy firm. Our Student Visa Advisers support students on matters related to their Canada, UK, USA status. Advisers can offer guidance to prospective and current students.

3 Easy Steps for Study in Aboard

  1. Complete our free assessment form
  2. Choose a University or College to get admission
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How to Apply

Choose a Program: Your program choice is  most important for the application process. We recommend a program, based on your work experience and education history. This will give you the best possible chance to submit a successful application.

Took IELTS/ TOEFL Exam: Took preparation for IELTS/ TOEFL exam, then sit for the exam. We also provide free IELTS/TOEFL Training service for those who are interested in studying in the USA/Canada.

Application Submission: After deciding on a program, we will help you prepare and submit your application. You need to have an Admission Confirmation Letter for Study in USA/Canada visa.